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Office furniture modeling of geometrical elements: line
- Dec 05, 2016 -

In the definition of the geometry in the line's path. Covered by all kinds of objects in the design surface and solid, available line out line used in the design of dominant, the line is the soul of plastic arts and design. Line right of movement and space to show all the furniture form and express emotion and beauty, the momentum and the strength, character and style.

Types of lines: lines are contours of all objects the basic elements at the beginning. Line shapes can be divided into straight lines and curves of the two systems, the combination of the two constitute the basic of all shape image

Element. Line expression: mainly with linear characteristics line length, weight, status, and position of the movement vary, resulting in people's psychology has produced different feelings, and endow them with a variety of personalities.

Linear expressions: there are strict, simple and logical feeling of virility powerful.

Vertical lines one by one with a rising sense of solemn, tall, upright and supported, strongly emphasized the vertical lines in the furniture design, seem to have a sense of progress, solemn, beyond.

Horizontal lines one by one has left and right extension, open, a sense of peace and quiet. Therefore horizontal lines form the basis of line for everything, using the horizontal line dividing the façade in the furniture, and stressed the relationship between furniture and the Earth.

Slash one by one has scattered, breaking changes, activities, and a sense of insecurity. Fair use in furniture design, static and dynamic, change and unity of effect.

Curved faces: curve due to its length, thickness, shape, which gives different feeling. Often curves are elegant, cheerful, gentle and full of feeling, signifies the full, rounded characters, also symbolizes the beauty of nature, water, cloud spring wind.

Geometric curve each person with intellect, bright feeling.

One by one arc of the arc line has enriched and full of feeling, and ellipsoid has a soft feeling.

Parabolic lines one by one have a streamlined sense of speed.

Hyperbolic sense of symmetry and balanced flow one by one.

Spiral curves are linear and ratio of the two, full of beauty and interest curve. And has a gradient of the sense of rhythm. In nature the most beautiful heavenly nature Nautilus is the gradient of the spiral curve constructed in conjunction with vortex-shaped curve.

Scribble---wild, free, rich, beautiful feeling.