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Coffee Table Design Elements
- Jun 15, 2017 -

In the home design, the coffee table is an indispensable design element. Round coffee table - if you have children and pets at home often encounter something, Coffee Table you will make them less a lot of pain. Secondly, compared with the rectangular or square coffee table, it can make your space look more open, its curve away from other furniture, more space to increase the sense of distance.

Even simple daily necessities such as modern coffee tables can become fascinating and interesting. Let us tell you that we start with interesting material selection.

It may be fragile and not easy to maintain, but Black & Blue made by Evangelos Vasileiou can make the transparent glass coffee table very decentralized and functional. Coffee Table The concise "mashup" combination can be used in a variety of functional ways: as a low-level desktop, with a series of storage magazines, remote control or low shelf level: placed against the wall. It has a modern and modern performance of ventilation - the steel structure supports the blue transparent glass in the shelves, making the material and the color of the light and joy of the combination, the functional bonus makes it suitable for all kinds of modern decorative combinations.

The German designer Sebastian Scherer's hexagonal creation reminds us of the graceful performance of honeycomb jewelry, only in blue, green, gray and bronze glass transparent tone decision - this is a permanent shape of the modern solution. They can be arranged and used like a puzzle, or used alone. Transparent and light, can make any family relaxed and happy.

Hamburg studio Marfa tells a story about the new work - calendar table. A new starting point in the distant world - fantasy about infinite space, and the incredible expectations that may be hidden there. Color glass color gradually changing concentric circle shuttle on the shuttle, Coffee Table such as the base of the ferrous metal.

This contemporary NoéDuchaufour-Lawrance contemporary creation of a clean, floating outline and its name of the spiritual meaning of the same name - Castle Peak, Blue Mountains, Zen culture and modern life meet the Tokyo area. The simple performance of colored blue glass and round coffee table has a certain design tranquility.

Coffee table by Roberto Lazzeroni simple and clear expression of the project inspired by the bamboo effect from the Far East. The thin frame on the base represents a lattice made of an elegant steel bar that supports the top of the various colors of the lacquered wood. The Clyde double flat top table is harmoniously brought together in a completely contemporary fashion not less than three kinds of materials. Chrome plated steel, marble effect ceramic and smoked glass table, for any modern living room layout to provide sophisticated, style and charm.

Triangular colors with stylish rounded corners are located on ferrous metal structures. Due to differences in shape, size and color, you can create a variety of design combinations - a dynamic composition that brings art and modern ambience to any family. The Petalo table was established in 1951 in Antony, near Paris, but never in production. Now they reappear in the fashion design stage and bring the playful spirit into the interior decoration game.

Because it is placed in the outdoor coffee table, so the choice of material need to pay attention to the need to pick up the feng shui sun tables and chairs. Coffee Table In this picture, this outdoor coffee table, using a plastic wood material, do not fade, will not be insects, no radiation no smell, environmental protection. But also in appearance also gives a simple sense of the atmosphere, metal pipe, cushion and frame are closely linked, stable and durable. Placed in the courtyard of the courtyard, can let you enjoy the fresh and natural leisure life, leisurely elegance. Leisurely in the heart. Simple and stylish, casual and elegant style, exquisite handmade craft, the line is perfectly flat. High quality cast aluminum material, no rust, durable. Soft and natural seat design, unique butterfly innovative design concept, warm and comfortable, healthy and environmentally friendly, natural fresh, breathable good, comfortable and durable, into the breath of nature, for you a fresh sense of nature, so that home The corner of the natural beauty of environmental.