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Coffee Table Requires Attention
- Jun 28, 2017 -

Triangular aluminum alloy casting bracket to connect the folding of the metal sheet, Coffee Table so that the coffee table base texture is very light but very strong, very durable. Coffee Table The parts can be very easy to dismantle, easy to move and transport.

When buying coffee table, need to pay attention to the following points:

1, pay attention to the safety of coffee table: placed in the often moving place, Coffee Table therefore, the treatment of coffee table angle need special attention, Coffee Table especially when there are children at home to pay attention.

2, consider the color depth: metal with glass material coffee table can give people a sense of light, there is room to expand the visual effects; and calm, Coffee Table dark and dark wood coffee table, then for a larger classical space.

3, the reference space size: space size is to consider the choice of coffee table size and shape basis. If the space is not large to oval small coffee table is better, Coffee Table soft shape, so that the space is relaxed and no cramped.

If in large space, Coffee Table you can consider in addition to the main sofa with a large coffee table, in the room next to a single chair, you can also choose a high side, as a functional and decorative small coffee table, add more fun for the space And change.

4, pay attention to functionality: coffee table in addition to a beautiful decorative features, but also carrying tea, small food, etc., Coffee Table it should also pay attention to its carrying function and storage function. If the room is small, you can consider buying a storage function of the coffee table or with the development function, according to the needs of the guests to be adjusted.

    5. Consider stability and mobility: In general, Coffee Table the coffee table before the sofa can not often move, so pay attention to the stability of the coffee table; and placed in the sofa armrest next to the small coffee table is more random use of the situation, Wheel style.

Although it is cool to place a touch screen coffee table in the living room, the technology is still not popular in the mass consumer market (February 2013), Coffee Table but it is also a touch screen coffee table designed by Manuel for the restaurant The original intention.

Manuel's this touch-screen coffee table does not just stay in poster propaganda, the company participated in the International Consumer Electronics Show, Coffee Table if this touch-screen coffee table can be exhibited, its interactive, practical will be much visitors Favored.

The touch-screen coffee table is a new coffee table designed by South Korea's Manuel, Coffee Table which offers a wide range of applications where diners can browse websites and customize menus to achieve true seamless network services. With the increasing popularity of Tablet PC and TV screen is growing, Coffee Table designers believe that the two advantages together can be designed to design a touch screen coffee table, Coffee Table so that the advantages of the two functions focused on the application.