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Conference Table Buy
- Jun 15, 2017 -

Different conference table shape will create a different atmosphere of the meeting, in general, the location of the round conference table without primary and secondary points, can narrow the distance between people, to create a harmonious and positive atmosphere; Conference Table and in the Long seats in the table, different positions, its position is not the same, so the long-style conference table, more suitable for holding a more formal meeting, such as business decision-making and so on. So choose the right conference table can also inspire creativity.

The general meeting of the enterprise more use of warm colors and monochrome, the official meeting can choose some elegant, calm color; and some brainstorming and discussion of the conference table will break the routine, select some of the more colorful meeting table, so that People are more creative

Different industries, different companies to buy the conference table is different, the size of the company, the size of the conference room, the company's image and so are the factors affecting the conference table to buy. Huadu Wenyi office furniture Xiaobian to tell you three tips to buy the conference table.

The positioning of the conference table is based on the size, image and qualification of the company. If the company is a large company, has a very good qualifications, then the positioning of the company conference table is the high-end conference table, if the company is very small, Conference Table just the beginning of development has not yet a certain size and qualifications, then you can choose the appropriate middle and low conference table The

The size of the conference table is determined according to the size of the conference room. For example: the larger conference room area, you can choose a larger size of the conference table, both the use of space is also highlight the atmosphere of the conference room. Conference Table If the meeting room is small, then you can choose the smaller size of the conference table, of course, to rational use of the conference room space, as far as possible the table placed in the middle of the conference room, looking at the more logical and atmospheric feeling.

After the positioning of the conference table, you can choose the material of the conference table. The materials of the conference table are: solid wood conference table, artificial board conference table, MDF conference table and steel conference table. Conference Table According to the surface of the material can be divided into: paint class conference table, board conference table and steel conference table. The high-end conference table is generally a solid wood conference table and a paint conference table. The low-end conference table is generally a MDF conference table, a panel board and a board conference table. The low-end conference table is a steel conference table.