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Conference Table Choose Three Steps
- Sep 04, 2017 -

Conference table, is a common modern office supplies. General use of solid wood painting, imported cherry veneer finishes, the use of environmentally friendly substrates, imported PU high-grade polyester paint, imported high-quality hardware.


If the product has been used for some time, the surface of the product a lot of wear or scratches, as long as the way back to the factory refurbishment can be, after the factory as new products, can save the cost of reset.

Usually maintenance

A. If the desktop is dusty, remove the dust with a chicken broom and wipe it with a clean cloth.

B. usually maintenance is not easy to use hair removal clean cloth, wring dry wipe can be wiped. Try to avoid using too hard or rough fabrics or unclean cloth wipes to prevent damage to the product surface.


A. Because the conference table with veneer, is a natural product, different batches of product delivery color will be a little color.

B. try to avoid the use of oil-bearing furniture brightener, easy to change the chemical desktop whitening situation. When the desktop occurs whitening situation should be back to factory maintenance.

C. If the table is stained with grease, wipe it with a general cleanser. Should try to avoid the use of high-volatile products to wipe the oil wipe.

D. To make the film intact, the desktop should try to avoid placing the plastic pad.

The conference table is selected in three steps


The positioning of the conference table is based on the size, image and qualification of the company. If the company is a large company, have a good qualification, then the company's conference table is the positioning of high-end conference table, if the company is very small, just started to develop has not a certain size and qualifications, then you can choose the appropriate low-end conference table The If it is a studio, then according to the situation and then down.


The size of the conference table is determined according to the size of the conference room. For example: a larger conference room area, you can choose a larger size of the conference table, both the use of space is also highlight the atmosphere of the conference room. If the meeting room is small, then you can choose the smaller size of the conference table, of course, to rational use of the conference room space, as far as possible the table placed in the middle of the conference room, looking at the more logical and atmospheric feeling.


After the positioning of the conference table can be selected after the conference table material, the conference table material are conventional: solid wood conference table, artificial board conference table, MDF conference table, steel conference table. According to the surface of the material can be divided into: paint class conference table, board conference table and steel conference table. High-end conference tables are generally solid wood conference tables and paint conference tables, in the low-end conference tables are generally MDF, artificial board conference table and board conference table, low-end conference table is steel conference table.