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Conference Table Environmentally Friendly Substrate
- Nov 02, 2017 -

Conference table, is our daily life, the most common modern office supplies. General use of solid wood spray paint, imported cherry veneer as a decorative surface, the use of environmentally friendly substrates, imported PU high-grade polyester paint, imported high-quality hardware accessories. Because the conference table can be used alone, it can be used by many people.

Conference tables can be divided into ordinary small conference tables and large conference tables. The market can be changed according to the change of demand according to the situation of the user. When we choose a conference table, we usually consider the size of the conference table and how many people can sit. Too small meeting tables will look crowded, too much of the conference table is too empty.

General size of the conference table Introduction:

1, small conference table size: 1800 * 900 * 750mm, 2400 * 1200 * 750mm.

2, medium-sized conference table size: 2800 * 1400 * 750mm, 3200 * 1500 * 750mm.

3, large conference table size: 3600 * 1600 * 750mm, 4200 * 1700 * 750mm, 4600 * 1800 * 750mm and so on.

Both the charm and vintage modern conference table. The use of international logs E1 grade particleboard, high-quality melamine paper veneer. Formaldehyde release is small, the plate after anti-corrosion pest control. Durable. At the same time for fire, wear, anti-fouling also has a very good effect. The surface of the matte effect lasting, high strength, good rigidity, no deformation, the proportion of reasonable. The whole conference table structure is simple, you can adjust the size of the conference table according to the different needs of customers. The size of this conference table is: 3200 * 1200 * 750mm.

The conference table can accommodate up to 20 people and more than 20 people. Genuine raw materials, as well as natural environmental protection Italian polyester paint, the substrate with free formaldehyde content in line with the standard high-density sheet, imported hardware accessories decoration. People - oriented design concept, simple style, superb level of technology, coupled with innovative environmentally friendly selection, solid wood solid wood load - bearing, the traditional furniture practices. Interpretation of the high-end atmosphere of the fashion office furniture. This section of 20 people conference table size: 6000 * 2000 * 768mm.

Natural veneer veneer, Italian polyester lacquer environmental resistant scratch, the use of high-density sheet, imported accessories embellishment. In the high degree of fiberboard, uniform density density. Keep the wood color of the touch of fresh and elegant, sunny wood color emitted nature of the ecological force. The noble wood texture of the plate appears, with pure natural wood feel. The woody texture is fresh and natural, showing elegance. This section 20 people conference table size: 4500 * 1600 * 760mm.