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Conference Table Three Steps
- Sep 29, 2017 -

Conference table is a common modern office supplies. Generally choose solid wood spray paint, imported cherry wood veneer, environmental base material, imported PU class high grade polyester paint, imported high quality hardware. Conference table is divided into: general small meeting table, large meeting table.


If the product is used for a period of time, the surface of its product has a lot of abrasion or scratches, as long as the after-sales service is restored to the factory, the factory will be like new products, which can save the replacement cost.

Normal maintenance

A. If the table is stained with dust, remove the dust with A feather duster and wipe it with A clean cloth.

B. It is easy to maintain a clean cloth that is not easy to depilate and wipe with water. Try to avoid using too hard or rough cloth or unclean cloth to prevent damage to the surface of the product.


A. because the conference table is made of wood, it is A natural product, and the color of different batches of products can be slightly colored.

B. Avoid the use of oily furniture with bright cleaning agent, easy chemical change to produce desktop bleaching situation. When the tabletop is bleached, it should be returned to the factory for maintenance.

C. If the surface is stained with oil, wipe it with ordinary detergent. Should avoid the use of the product to wipe the high volatile oil.

D. To make the film intact, the table should avoid placing plastic MATS.

The conference table selects three steps


The positioning of the conference table is based on the company's size, image and qualification. If the company is a large company, to have good qualifications, then has given the company the positioning table is high-end conference table, if the company is very small, has not yet started development has a certain scale and qualification, then can choose the appropriate medium conference table. If it's a studio, then it's down to the situation.


Determine the size of the conference table according to the size of the meeting room. For example: the meeting room area is bigger, can choose to order the meeting table that size is larger, both use space also to highlight the atmosphere of meeting room. If the meeting room is small, can choose the appropriate size smaller table, of course want to reasonable use of meeting room space, try to place the table in the middle of the room, looking at a more logical and atmosphere.


Positioning is done for the conference table can choose the material of the table, the table of conventional materials include: solid wood table, conference table, artificial board density board table, steel table. According to surface material can be divided into: paint class meeting table, board meeting table and steel meeting table. High-end conference table is generally solid wood table and paint table, mid-range table is density board, artificial board table and panel table, the lower part of the table is steel table.