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Environmentally Friendly, Simple, Become A New Popular International Furniture
- Dec 05, 2016 -

Put spirituality back into nature

The protection of the environment, be gentle with the Earth, is the strongest voice in the world. International furniture design and production is also increasing emphasis on environmental topics. Furniture production to avoid the use of toxic adhesives and other chemicals harmful to human health, try using natural or harmless "Green materials". Design and production of furniture, are no longer limited to exterior styling, it provides a comprehensive set of solutions, focusing on the material and concepts perfectly harmonized. At present, the furniture selection is to break the traditional model, there has been a combination of wood, tengshi combination, combination of butie new environmentally friendly furniture. Deftly around available resources used in home life, gives the furniture with new concepts, new conception and a strong sense of affinity.


"Simple is beautiful", international trends for simplification of today's home décor, personalized, whether exterior wall decoration, or furniture, decorations of configuration are excluded from the cumbersome lines, patterns, and decorative, increasingly simple, clean and elegant. Furniture simplistic in style trends that both coincided with the modern pursuit of the natural, rustic, simple, crisp and efficient psychological needs and aesthetic tastes, but objectively saves material, meets the environmental theme of furniture production. Meanwhile, people in the interior decoration and furniture configurations, beginning to overcome, and luxury, and the same tendency, and returning to the common people, simplified and personalized. Clear and simple interior decoration, with simple, elegant furniture, for people to release the soul, relax, cultivate and create a loose, free personalized space.

Fashion personality

Furniture is a kind of "items", but also a culture. A piece of furniture, often accumulated a nation's humane spirit and traditional culture, history and customs. Italy furniture of exquisite elegance, France furniture gorgeous romantic, Germany furniture sound generous ... ... Always stand alone, in one continuous line. In the new era, furniture designers and manufacturers in the tradition of States at the same time, innovation in design and material selection, given their furniture with new meaning and personality. Denmark Pan Tong Chair called the masterpiece of style, body and curves combination is very beautiful, the perfect combination of practicality and interactivity. At first glance, it is a comfortable high back Chair, rotated at an angle down, becomes a double Chair. Once again, that is a very deep seat recliners. If it is flat, you can hold three people, or right when a chic coffee table. If several Pan Tong chairs placed side by side and fixed, becomes a unique sofa.