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Hotel Furniture Cleaning And Maintenance Practical Tactical
- Dec 05, 2016 -

1. rag and clean

To clean furniture maintenance, must be used first to make sure the cloth is clean. When cleaning or wiping dust after, be sure to flip or, to put it in a clean cloth and use. Don't be lazy and repeated use has dirty side, repeatedly in the furniture that will only make the dirt surface friction, but light can damage furniture surfaces.

2. selective care agent

Want to maintain the original brightness of the furniture, furniture care currently spray wax two furniture care products and cleaning and maintenance agent. The former will target a variety of wood, polyester, paint, fire-proof material such as plastic furniture, and jasmine, and two different kinds of fresh flavor of lemon. Furniture Beijing Grand letters and advice you which is suitable for all wood, glass, synthetic materials such as wood or melamine Board furniture, especially for mixing materials of furniture. Therefore, if we can use both clean, nursing care products, will be able to save a lot of precious time. Care wax and cleaning and maintenance spray before use, it is best to first shake it, then hold the spray tank, at a 45-degree angle, let the tank of the liquid components do not break under pressure is fully released. Beijing Grand furniture and recommended after that dishtowels where at a distance of about 15 cm spray it lightly, so wipe the furniture, we can have very good cleaning effect. In addition, the cloth after use, remember to wash and dry. Furniture with fabric material such as fabric sofa, casual cushions, you can use clean carpet cleaning and maintenance agent. When in use, use a vacuum cleaner to the dust suction, then carpet cleaner a little spray on the wet cloth to wipe.