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Office Chair Design Material
- Jun 15, 2017 -

Office chairs as one of the most commonly used office furniture, office workers need to use every day. But few people are concerned about its material. Why is it necessary to tangulate the office chair? Because different materials give people the feeling is very different. The sensory properties of the material are an important feature of the product design material. Material in the visual, tactile and other aspects of the feeling are not the same, the resulting characteristics of the perception will vary widely. Office Chair The sensory characteristics of the material are a psychological sensation, which is based on the physiological basis of the human sensory organ's comprehensive impression of the material, the reaction of the human sensory system to the material by the physiological stimulus or by the human perception system from the material Surface information. In the choice of materials for the product to think deeply about the different materials of different perception characteristics, texture effects.

In the office, the common staff chair cushion and back are usually used in the import or domestic high-grade imitation of the special system mesh, the cushion will be from the high density sponge, high-density stereotypes sponge and imported sponge to the selection, handrails can use the PU handrails, PP Handrails, chair legs with nylon chair feet, galvanized steel chair legs, aluminum chair legs and other styles of choice.

Office chair materials are used more mesh, which is the largest market share. But in addition to mesh, the office chair materials, including leather, cloth, PU leather, and so many materials. Well, compare all kinds of common materials. These from the use of the above terms, what is the difference?

First, mesh office chair: flexible, good ventilation, the price is relatively cheap, dirty and easy to wash.

Second, PU office chair: imitation leather texture, good workmanship good comfort, the price is slightly cheaper, durable as leather.

Third, leather office chairs: breathable and comfortable, especially suitable for air-conditioned room, the higher prices.

Fourth, plastic office chair: sitting hard and uncomfortable, generally need mats, easy to clean and easy to save.

5, cotton office chair: breathable, soft and comfortable, relatively impatient.

Office chair is a long-term use of office furniture products, many manufacturers of products, based on a variety of reasons to make it in the purchase of products tend to look similar, but after you use a year or so, there will be functional failure (Such as pressure rise and fall failure), chair around the tilt, screw loose and so on. Even worse, some low-Rui products in the use of about three months will appear the phenomenon. In this case, the supervisors of the company are so hated that the replacement of the company is not in line with the economic principles and it is difficult to obtain the approval of the management. However, the replacement will affect the image of the company and reduce the efficiency of the staff so as to affect the staff's work. The loss is difficult to estimate.

So a company, of course, understand the truth. Brand office seats from the selection of materials, processing technology, structural and design, have to employ industry veteran designers and engineers to participate, and pay special attention to the above issues. Both in terms of quality, firmness, durability, etc., can become the industry's Jiao Jiao who. Brand office chair more fully consider and refer to Europe and the United States to protect the human body requirements, taking full account of ergonomics, so there will be different office seats to adapt to different people's weight, size and sitting.