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Office Chair Efficiency
- Jun 02, 2017 -

Staff office chair A small screw loose, will lead to a big setback in efficiency-the office also has such a "butterfly Effect": The years of disrepair office chair screws loose, a sitting down will make an annoying "creak" sound; chair face even imbalance, Office Chair change posture for fear of falling, stretch, but also worry whether the weight of the body will crush the fragile chair back ...

The so-called , its", Office Chair the latest office technology for Office chairs bring a new reform. Whether it is at home or at work, can let the sitting people feel not its existence, and combined with ergonomics, to provide the most comfortable, the most healthy sitting posture, so "informed" office chair is the choice of kingly.

Office preferred local supported, adjustable radian mesh chair

Sitting comfortably is the most basic and ultimate requirement for office chairs. Each person's physique, sitting habits are different, regardless of the family, Office Chair or need to purchase large quantities of office, Chair adaptability is a sensitive indicator. From the current mainstream office chair technology, the net cloth office chair is the first choice. Compared to imitation leather, cloth, Office Chair leather and other traditional materials, mesh has a stronger plasticity and adaptability, is a more "future" material.

First of all, mesh material structure is loose, relative to traditional material to save material. Traditional leather, on-screen office chair on the basis of the framework also have to add sponge cushion, not only supplies more, in order to pursue comfort, thick chair face and the back of the sacrifice of breathability. Another forward-looking feature of mesh material is its plasticity. In office disease More and more see today, a good office chair also shoulder the responsibility of protecting the neck and shoulder lumbar spine. Office Chair In the latest technology, the design of a office chairs in the waist, back, neck, head, armrest position, all need ergonomic considerations, these details are considered through the fabric material can be achieved. Sometimes the appearance of similar to the two section of the office chair, its back radian, length of the chair, armrest height and other details of a little change, its comfort is very different.

"Considerate" office chair, will let your waist, Office Chair shoulder get the local supporting force, neck with adjustable elastic supporting, can adapt to a variety of posture, protect the spine health. In addition, the position of the armrest is designed to loosen the supporting height of the shoulders, and the sides of the chair face a slight tilt to make the posture more relaxed. Through these details, let the office chair more "read" The needs of the human body, let the work posture more healthy. Home preferred small flexible, Office Chair adaptable style

Most families also have home Office needs, but Home Office time relative to the office of less, less strength, the office chair of the "professional" degree of demand is not so high. After all, in the home space, pay attention to ergonomics of the network cloth office chair stereotyped face is too serious. Especially for the limited space of the study of the family, professional office seats large size, in space appears too bulky.