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Office Chair Good Or Bad Three Key Points
- Oct 24, 2017 -

Office chair, narrow sense of the definition refers to the people sitting in the posture of the desktop work when sitting back chair, broadly defined for all chairs for the office, including executive chair, middle chair, conference chair, staff chairs, Chair, guest chair, training chair, ergonomic chair

Daily maintenance

Should be carried when carrying light, pay special attention to avoid collision.

Sedentary should always be patted by the sedentary parts and the edge, to restore the status quo, to reduce the concentration of sitting due to the phenomenon of depression.

Leather should be placed away from the heat dissipation and should avoid direct sunlight, is strictly placed in the light exposure.

When you usually clean, please do not rub heavily, so as not to damage the epidermis. For a long time or accidentally stained leather sofa, office chairs, can be dipped in the appropriate concentration of soapy water (or detergent, water content of 40% to 50%) scrub. After wiping with water, and then dry with a clean cloth can be. Do not use strong decontamination (such as decontamination powder, chemical solvent turpentine, gasoline or other inappropriate liquid) cleaning.

An office chair good or bad three key points


The easiest way to judge a chair is to see whether the chair's armrest is connected to the back of the chair or the seat cushion, the armrest connected to the chair on the back of the chair, when the back, the handrail and the person's back Keep the same angle and get comfortable arm support.

And almost a chair armrest is connected to the cushion, and when the back, the seat tilt angle and the back is the person's waist is inconsistent, resulting in the back, the arm can not be very comfortable display.

The structure of the handrail may not have been so important in comfort, but it is the easiest way to test the quality of a chair, because this simple design is enough to show the attitude of the chair manufacturer

2. Yaotao said the comfort of the chair, the most important thing is the waist care, the greater the age of the more sensitive to this, when I was young when the chair completely indifferent, without the back of the wooden bench can sit half a day. Now 30 years old began to die, no good chair really could not hold. Waisto this to look is not a simple and no difference, because although many chairs will put a big waist care, but sit up and feel no. In fact, the waist care may be the highest technical content of the whole chair, there must be a complex mechanical mechanism and the whole chair connected, of course, the most authentic test method or to rely on their own to sit, regardless of the various positions, back can be complete The back wrapped up to hold.

3. chair back tilt different strength between the different people, the need to tilt the back of the chair is actually not the same. While the ordinary chair of the tilt force is fixed, resulting in light weight of people do not go on, heavy weight of the people suddenly fell to the end, not only did not support the sense of easy to sit down. And Aeron's solution is to fine-tune the tilt force by hand, so that everyone can find the right weight of their own, so every Aeron is very tailored to the unique sense of sitting habits, for other chairs will sit Not used to