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Office Chair Main Embodiment
- Aug 08, 2017 -

Office chairs are generally divided into web chairs, leather chairs, wooden chair, Office Chair which is the most choice of the current market, but the quality of the Web chair is uneven, Office Chair the appearance of the same chair price may be 1 time times or even more, it is obvious that these low-cost chairs behind is a serious quality problems, mainly reflected in the following aspects.

Office chair is the first to see the sponge, Office Chair a good sponge is new, high-density, this sponge can be used for more than a decade, and the market on some businesses secretly use recycled cotton, this rotten sponge for half a year will have problems, sponge no density does not rebound.

The second is the network chair with the air rod, often the news reports the gas pole explosion, in the final analysis this is the quality question.

The third is the problem of the Chair frame, the Chair has plastic, nylon, Office Chair electroplating, aluminum alloy, from the cost is more and more expensive, but some businesses sell the electroplating may be more than plastic is not cheap, this boils down to the quality is not good, Office Chair in the future will certainly be a problem.

Recently, the high temperature of Dalian, the highest temperatures have reached 38 degrees or even higher, then we in the office of these office furniture how to care?

Public furniture because basically is in the indoor use, plus the room is generally air-conditioned, so the general temperature is too high for his impact will not be great, but if you do not pay attention to the words or will produce a variety of problems. Usually, we suggest that every morning need to give the furniture a simple wipe, so as to ensure that the appearance of the furniture is bright, but it is absolutely necessary to note that the water can not be sprinkled on the top and then long time does not wipe off, so easy to trigger the expansion of furniture caused damage.

And like office chair this kind especially with the air Rod office chair, Office Chair generally do not get outdoors, because the high temperature easily causes the gas rod internal chemical reaction, affects the safety performance.

The daily maintenance of the office chair is relatively simple, just need to check the wheel, the air plate and the position of the seat of the location of the screw is loose. Office Chair As for the air rod explosion, it is not maintenance can be solved. This is mainly due to the air cylinder itself tightness, coupled with the filling of the gas does not meet the standard caused. To avoid this problem, in the purchase of office chairs should pay attention to choose the big brand reputation good accessories. Office Chair Just like we buy a computer will look at the configuration of the brand. Currently do Office chair accessories, the United star, the surplus is a good choice.

1. Handling should be handled lightly, should pay special attention to avoid collisions.

2. After sitting for a long time, should often pat the part and the edge, Office Chair so that it restores the original, reduce the sitting force concentration and appear depression phenomenon.

The dermis should be kept away from the radiator and should be prevented from direct exposure to sunlight.

Usually do not rub vigorously when cleaning, Office Chair so as not to damage the epidermis. For long use or inadvertently stained leather sofa, office chair, Office Chair can be dipped in the appropriate concentration of soap water (or detergent, water content $number) scrub.