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Office Chair Pay Attention To Clean
- Sep 29, 2017 -

Office chair is a kind of chair that is equipped for the convenience of daily work and social activities. OfficeMate office partner office chair can be divided into narrow and broad and narrow sense of office chair is refers to the person sitting in the state of desktop work when sitting chair, general office chair for all for the office chair, including the large chair, student chair, receive a visitor chairs, staff chairs, conference chairs, visitors chairs, training, chairs, etc.

Basic composition

1: casters: common casters, PU wheels (soft materials, suitable for wood floors, and machine rooms).

2: chair foot: the thickness of iron frame directly affects the service life of the chair. Surface treatment: polishing, spray paint, baking varnish (surface gloss, not easy to depaint), electroplating deletion (wooden frame can not be electroplated), good plating quality, not easy to rust.

3. Air pole: also called extension rod, used to adjust the height and rotation of the chair.

4: chassis: the seat portion of the bracket, which is connected with the gas rod.

5: chair: board, sponge and fabric. The quality of the boards is usually not felt by consumers. Sponge: recycled and new. 99% of the manufacturers are using the two together, the thicker the harder, the higher the cost, the thickness is appropriate, the hardness is appropriate. Press chair, fabric: hemp, net cloth, skin. Plastic frame press cloth. This kind of chair is more permeable.

6: handrail: thick influence quality.

7: seat back seat (corner code) : the seat and back of the chair are separated by steel tube or steel plate, usually 6mm or 8mm thick. But the width is less than 6cm, must be 8mm thick.

8: chair back: steel frame, plastic frame chair, which is made of mesh fabric and has breathability.

Waist pillow: the comfort of the chair.

10: head pillow: the comfort of performance chair.


From the material composition, can be divided into: real leather office chair, PU leather office chair, cloth office chair, net cloth office chair, plastic office chair and so on.

From the use type see, can be divided into: boss chair, chair, clerk chair, chair of chair, meeting chair, meeting guest chair, ergonomic chair and so on.

From the use of the occasion, there are mainly offices, open staff offices, meeting rooms, reading rooms, book information rooms, training classrooms, laboratories, staff quarters, staff canteen, etc.

Daily maintenance

The handle should be light and light, special attention should be paid to avoid collision.

After sitting, you should always pat the sitting position and the edge of the seat, so as to restore the original shape and reduce the depression in the concentration of sitting force. The leather should be kept away from heat dissipation and should avoid direct sunlight. Do not rub vigorously when cleaning, lest damage the skin. For long - use or carelessly stained leather sofa, office chair, can use cloth to dip in appropriate concentration of soap water (or washing powder, moisture content 40 ~50 %) swab. Then wipe with water and dry with a clean cloth. Do not use strong decontamination (e.g., cleansing powder, chemical solvent turpentine, gasoline or other improper liquids).

When using the office chair, try to make the center of gravity center in the center of the air pressure bar. The office chair after long use should check the screw of the orgnaization to have loose, if have loose because of timely screw tight; Whether the spring and the knob are loose, the spring should adjust the body weight according to the weight of the user, so that the back of the seat will be comfortable and comfortable. It is forbidden to sit on the armrest of the sofa or office chair or place overweight objects. Follow the instructions carefully to maintain the office chair, so that it can prolong its service life. Don't leave your office chair too long in the sun, which will cause some plastic aging and hydrogen embrittlement.

Pay attention to clean

A: first of all, of course, is to understand the material of office chair, but general office chair is given priority to with real wood and iron feet, stool is paper art or on the surface of cloth art, different material chair when cleaning cleaning methods are different.

2: if it is the leather art office chair, it is better to try it in the inconspicuous position before using it to see if it is discolored. Dilute the water with water if there is a discoloration; Use lukewarm water when the dirty, let its natural stem.

3: solid wood office chair foot, can wipe with dry cloth directly, dozen cleaner, do not use too damp cloth to wipe, then go to the sun drying, that will make the inside of solid wood to decay quicken.

4: general cloth art stool cleaning method is spray cleaner, gently wipe. With a particularly dirty word, rinse with a warm water combined with detergent. Don't brush with your brush, it will be easy to look old.