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Office Chair The Correct Selection
- Aug 23, 2017 -

The correct choice of office chair learning, do you really understand?

Each ordinary person 24 hours a day are "line" "lying" "sitting" these three state of behavior occupied, and an office worker's life is to spend nearly 80,000 hours in the office chair, which Almost one-third of the time of life. Therefore, how to choose an office chair can be described as a major event in life, seemingly ordinary office chair how to choose, but in reality there is a lot of knowledge.

There are three important elements that distinguish between good and bad office chairs

Chassis and chair

Chassis should have enough load-bearing capacity, with a flexible and balanced chair legs. According to the study, four-legged chair legs easily lead to imbalance, and six claw-style chair feet and the ground contact points, because the chair too much easy to trip the user. Good seats should be claw-style chair legs, is the most stable and balanced design in line with the needs.

2. Comfortable cushion

The cushion is best formed in one, more good quality cushion, there will be a certain degree of weight tolerance, if the cushion can be adjusted according to the needs of their own weight, it will reduce the tired feeling of sedentary. And the curved chair seat is excellent, because the surface can increase the bottom of the thigh and the buttocks and the contact area of the seat, so that the average pressure dispersion.

3. The angle of the back of the chair

Different people between the different weight, the need to tilt the back of the chair is actually not the same. While the ordinary chair of the tilt force is fixed, resulting in light weight of people do not go on, heavy weight of people suddenly rely on the end, not only do not have a sense of support is also easy to ride off. Good chair should be no matter what kind of body, all kinds of posture, tilted down when the back can be able to complete the back wrapped up to hold. While the back of the maximum inclination of 135 degrees, it is a large data analysis to get enough comfortable angle.

In fact, the office chair is no longer just a simple office furniture, more and more brands will be advanced science and technology into one of the most widely consumers are keen on the "ergonomic office chair." Ergonomic office chair combines ergonomic health knowledge, design and production. This office chair is more intelligent back design, you can fit the back curve of the human body, to the waist enough support, and the cushion are integrated production and environmental health.

When the simple become a fashion, when purely become a pursuit, Dike furniture follow the "subtraction" philosophy, combined with "design, fashion, life", standing in the international height and breadth, to abandon the extra design, from the office chair Modeling, material, color and function to enhance and beauty, to create a clean and neat shape, but very connotation of the ergonomic office chair, take you into a different new world.

Seemingly simple and ordinary office chair, often overlooked by us, but in fact the office chair affects the sedentary office of the family's health, poor office chair sedentary harm the body; healthy office chair for us to create a comfortable office environment. How to choose a high quality office chair, which contains a lot of scientific and healthy knowledge, worthy of our attention. I believe that when we choose a healthy and comfortable office chair, but also to our work to bring more power.