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Office Chair The Stability Of The Force
- Oct 17, 2017 -

Chair stability testing will be used to chair stool stability tester and forward stability tester, under normal circumstances. This ensures the stability of the Chair's force and balances its performance. Office Chair How the quality of the office chair determines the practicality and its life and safety problems.

Hundred-shun chair can be used as fatigue test, office chair chassis back tilt durability testing machine for office chair five-claw pressure test vertical stress. Set force value, test cycle, repeated loading pressure as fatigue test. Pressure size, holding time and cyclic test times are adjustable

Assess the fatigue pressure and wear ability of casters and chair frames to withstand the movement of the Chair. Seat with weight (113 kg), office chair caster Life Tester is suitable for all the office chairs with castors or chair wheels. Clamping fixture with motor and synchronous belt drive, Office Chair so that the office chair or chair frame back and forth movement to assess the wear-resistant casters.

The strength and speed of the chair backrest and the test for the back action, the office chair Backrest test machine is used for the durability and tilt mechanism of the chair. Fixed office chair casters. Office Chair To assess the quality of the product

Test chair armrest structure withstand vertical pressure and repetitive load pressure ability, office chair armrest, Chair foot Comprehensive test machine simulate office chair usage. Office Chair This load can be seen as an affectation of force when leaving the seat to support the handrail. In addition to armrest testing, can also be used for chair foot strength test and foot durability test.

This machine is suitable for the comprehensive test of armrest and backrest of office chair, Office Chair for the test of the strength of armrest and backrest of office chair. The handrail strength test is mainly used to detect the good condition of the armrest of various seats after being subjected to pressure. An experiment to simulate the strength or endurance of a product under the condition of a primary or repetitive load, in the normal use and habitual misuse, for testing the strength of the products under heavy load conditions that may be encountered, Office Chair Evaluate the armrest of the office seat to withstand the pressure resistance along its horizontal direction and vertical direction; The backrest strength test is used to evaluate the ability of the chair to withstand the pressure, Office Chair and simulate the pressure of the user to to the chair back with the back pressure.

Test the service life of the chair,Office Chair simulate the strength or endurance test under the condition of a primary or repetitive load under normal use and habitual misuse. Used to verify the strength of a product under repeated and repeated loading conditions.