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Office Desk Equipment Taboo
- Dec 05, 2016 -

Office desk equipment involved, mainly refers to the orientation of the device is not suitable, leaders or businessmen will have the feeling of discomfort at work.

Desk display taboo, there are five circumstances:

1, avoiding back door

Directly across the desk and door decoration, people sit on a back gate, this is the device on the desk first to avoid.

2, avoid side door

Desk placed at the door of the right desk is diagonal with the doors, made a side-door of taboo. Work disruption, low productivity, and also affect health.

3, avoid the aisle near the window

If you set the device on the desk below the walkway window, it means will be put under envelope on the desk, but often also by others from prying eyes.

4, bogey after Windows

If placed in parallel with Windows on the desk will be located in between the window and the, the window as a screen. Set desk and should be avoided.

Sit by the window, it is bad for business. After the wind often hit people, you will feel unease in the back all day, this often in the past, they disrupt the human spirit. If you are experiencing cold wind and easily lose the balance of the body, can make people ill. Window light from behind into, to get a backlight, backlight impede vision.

Sit on a back window, without relying on a solid barrier. If the sill is too high, may be in danger of accidentally fall, should be avoided.