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The Importance Of Customized Office Furniture Color Selection
- Dec 05, 2016 -

Office furniture in custom color matching is very important, color must comply with workplace atmosphere, and matched with bright hues to enhance the whole atmosphere.

Office furniture by color "speaks". Popular Office furniture can be divided into dark and light colors. Probably have 5 shades of dark colors: Walnut color, gray, Brown, dark red, and blue. Usually gray for desk; black or brown for boss chairs, and reception desks and chairs Office chairs in plain blue and dark red. Because blue light yet crisp red grave and there are lively; black, Brown has been very heavy, use them to decorate the room, will force you to concentrate. In recent years, popular tradition broke in light, white Maple cabinet which consort Mu and Sapele color has been widely adopted, this led to the jump in color in the Office, pale color of class units, cabinets, screens are more lively in the Office.

In General, the color configuration to the Office in accordance with the "jump, little harmony" principles. "Big jumps" refers to the Office between color changes. If you have two offices, two offices may choose an entirely different tone, such as select dark Walnut color as the primary color of the Office, meeting room select light blue as the main color, this is the "big jump"; each House Windows and doors, furniture and even the floor which runs parallel to the Office of archives and petty office supplies to keep your overall harmony, is the "little harmony." So, even though your work is limited in scope, but each one will give you a fresh feeling.