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Working Partner Office Furniture---I M Going To Teach You To Pick
- Dec 05, 2016 -

And surface quality

Office furniture to Particleboard, medium density fiberboard Panel to the substrate, surface decorated with melamine, PVC, wood veneer and paper wood and other filming, imitation wood-grain-shaped pattern clear natural, smooth and has a good look and feel. Purchase main sheet at the surface scratches, indentation, bubbling, unglued and glue marks and other defects; wood grain patterns are natural, without artificial artificial feel; for symmetrical furniture, surface on which it should be noted the consistency and compatibility of color, texture, feels symmetrical plate, like out of a piece of material.

Second, production quality

Office furniture is forming in the production of plate after cutting saws, decorative edge, component assembly combination of. Its production quality is mainly look at the quality of the CD saw, edge, surface quality and the quality of the port. Making plate sheet of office furniture in the parts of the CD saw the plate flatness, perpendicularity, angle has the quality requirements, in General sheet metal cutting saw blades technology within 0.01 mm per meter, to precision sheet metal behind the CD saw profile formation, good point, does not appear after the furniture made from plate tilt phenomenon.

Third, the quality of metal parts and plastic parts

Office furniture is fastened with metal parts, plastic parts as connectors, metal office furniture quality furniture depend on quality is good or bad. Metal pieces require smart, smooth, surface plating handle, can not have xiuji, Burr, coupled with high accuracy requirements. Plastic parts to design aesthetics, color, use parts to have strength and elastic, not too thin. Open-type connectors require flexible rotation, internal spring-loaded tightness due to such furniture during the opening will be smooth and easy, no sound.

Four main dimensions

Office furniture on the market today mainly in the complete set of bedroom furniture and office furniture. There are also multifunctional video electrical cabinets and other products. Main dimensions of its furniture (functional dimension) national standards are required.